Hospitality & Travel

Kohala Enterprises

Investing in communities and people, Kohala is dedicated to leading the future of the hospitality and travel industry.


We are developing our own portfolio of hotels and timeshares across the western United States. Our facilities include new construction and existing properties.

Hospitality Management

We assist hotel & timeshare owners realize their potential with our hospitality management service. Big or small, Kohala can help your business.

Enterprise Technology

We invest into enterprise technology aimed at the hospitality industry. It is our goal to create innovative tools and resources needed to run hotel and travel services.

Travel Services

We maintain our own travel and tourism websites geared at areas we work in. From beautiful Hawaii to breathtaking Colorado, we provide groundbreaking services for tourist.

Business Development

We support the entrepreneur spirit and support hospitality startups and ventures. We are building a unique portfolio of such properties from entrepreneurs.


We believe in our corporate social responsibility to help the communities and regions in which we work. Giving back makes our world a better place to be in!


Time is everything for guests and operators. Nothing is wasted in our efforts to reduce timing from check in to check out.

Friendly Support

Our staff at every level of our organization maintains our policy of friendliness and professionalism. It is part of the aloha spirit.

Privacy & Security

We value the privacy and security of our staff and customers. It is our #1 goal to ensure this resonates to every channel of our operations.

Embracing the

Aloha Spirit

Our guests, employees, vendors, and clients will notice that our company takes pride in its cultural roots. We were founded in Hawaii, the land of the aloha spirit. Not only is our home known for its pristine beaches and gorgeous scenery, but it is also known for the laid back and friendly atmosphere which makes Hawaii an amazing place to be.

We aim for satisfaction in results in everything we do. At Kohala, we are more than just a network of employees, clients, and vendors; we are a ohana.


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