2019 Prospectus & Offering

Kohala Enterprises Ltd has completed its Prospectus and Offering for 2019 to investors. The company is seeking to raise capital for exciting new projects through the sale of Series A Preferred Stock to qualified investors. This offering is one of our largest and most exciting new endeavors as we move forward on lucrative projects in the hospitality industry.

The Highlights

We have broken down some highlights for those interested in learning more.

  • Offering of Preferred Stock- This stock takes precedent over common stock as first in line for dividends. It also may be convertible to equity for those seeking longer term commitments.
  • 506(c) Exemption- The offering is exempt from SEC registration, and enables us to attract a larger audience.
  • Goal- The sale of all shares under this offering is valued at $1b USD; it is our largest offering to date.
  • Short Term and Long Term Objectives- We anticipate serving both long term and short term investors due to the nature of projects involved in the funding.
  • Assets Value- Our assets acquired are anticipated to exceed the offering.


Interested parties are encouraged to visit our Investor Relations page to acquire a copy. The prospectus includes company information, risks, offering details, and a subscription agreement. You may also contact us directly to request a copy.


This release is not a direct solicitation (except as permitted under Reg D 506(c), promise, or guarantee of any certain amounts on return now or in the foreseeable future. Kohala Enterprises Ltd will make every reasonable effort to protect investments from loss, but as with any investment, there are risks.