Our Charities


At Kohala, we are dedicated to giving back to the community and those organizations which align to our values of helping people in need. We take our social responsibility to be a core aspect of our business, and what it means to be a responsible company in the 21st century. As such, we set aside funding for causes that we have identified as aligning to that vision.


Native Hawaiian Charities– Those charities which help out the Native Hawaiians are number one. This includes housing, land preservation, historic sites, and points of interest that are key to the history and preservation of the islands.

Community Causes– This includes food banks, public facilities, and community activities.

Educational- Scholarships, facilities, and foster/adoptive programs.

Historic Preservation– Sites not identified as specific to Native Hawaii, but includes buildings and land with historical significance in their respective community.



Eligible organizations must meet certain criteria to be considered:

  • Must be legally organized by applicable state law;
  • Must have 501(c)3 or similar tax exemption status;
  • Funding must be directly used for intended purposes and not for paid staff or items unrelated to the cause;
  • Must not engage in illegal, harmful, or judgmental activities;
  • Must be inclusive of helping people regardless of age, gender, ethnic/cultural background, sexual orientation, disability, or any other protected class.


How to Apply

We will announce funding opportunities at various times during the year. In order to apply, organizations and groups must register on our portal, which will be released in early 2019


Our Own Charity

We have started the planning of our own charity, which will be announced in 2019. This group is in the planning stages and we welcome qualified individuals to apply to be a board member to help shape our cause. You can learn more by visiting our page, Kohala House.