Hospitality Enterprise Technology

Technology in the hospitality industry
The Future of Hospitality Enterprise Technology

What We Do

At Kohala, we have an internal enterprise technology department that develops, builds, and manages new technological advances in the hospitality industry. Our goal is to lead the future of hospitality enterprise technology to keep up with changes in the travel and tourism industry.

Travel Industry

The travel industry is a global market, with millions of travelers each year visiting hundreds of countries across the world.

Hospitality Industry

Accommodations is a multi-billion dollar market with thousands of hotels, motels, and timeshares in rural to urban markets.

Enterprise Technology

Hospitality enterprise technology provides vital services to travel, accommodations, and vendors in the market.

Vendor Services

Thousands of vendors supply the hospitality and travel industries, from services to products.

Reservation Systems
Back End Management
Future Technology
Travel Technology

We are developing technology innovations in the future of hotel reservation systems. Our goal is in creating a scalable system that works for hotel operations from single sites, to multiple sites. Using cloud based technology and innovations in SAAS, our developing system will be easy to use, and able to be tailored for different applications including hotels, motels, condo-hotels, and timeshares.

Integrating back-end operations including housekeeping, maintenance, and suppliers into one system helps streamline operations and save hotel operators money and eliminate waste. We are working to develop a system that integrated not only all these features, but can also work with existing systems or stand alone.

Working with industry needs and the changing landscape of the hospitality field as we move forward in social and technical progress, we are looking at new and innovative ways to lead the future technology

Changing the way we discover and book our travel services is important in the future of the travel, accommodation, and vendors markets. We work to stay on top of the trends and incorporate these into our future techology services and products.

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