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Hotel & Timeshare Properties

Kohala maintains a diverse portfolio of hotels and timeshares in our area of Focus. Each hotel and property is operated under our organization, utilizing our internally developed tools, resources, technology, marketing, and human resources.

All of our hotels are branded under the “Kohala Enterprises” tag. While each property is uniquely named and organized,  we maintain the same level of quality and service at each property.

Consulting Services for Third Party Owners

Hospitality Operations & Management

Our hospitality operation services provides third-party (us) management of hotel or timeshare properties from single departments to entire facilities. This service is great for absentee owners or first-time owners who need assistance or consulting help with their property.

Our management service does not engage in the sale or lease of facilities on behalf of an owner. 

Hotel and Timeshare

Acquisition & Development

We acquire and develop hotel and timeshare properties in our areas of Focus. These include existing properties and new construction projects. Our acquisitions and development team works hard to identify properties that meet our criteria in location, tourism market/potential, and those projects which will have a positive impact on the communities in which they are located.


Hospitality Enterprise Technology

We are excited to launch our new Hospitality Enterprise Technology service to clients who are seeking to streamline their hotel or timeshare property management. As the ways we travel and vacation changes, our HET services are working to stay on top of the latest trends and systems used to handle everything from check in to check out, dues, booking, HR managment, housekeeping, and more.


We Provide Solutions

At Kohala, we are committed to providing services that work for our clients, customers, and stakeholders. Our full suite of products and services is designed to create a one-stop company to meet many needs in the hospitality and travel industry.

Our success is not one-sided. Industry changes drive the factors that encourage us to stay relevant and current. As times change, so do the factors that can make or break business. We strive to grow as a strong leader in the hospitality industry, and we do this by not only helping our own ventures, but those of others in the field.

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